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VSC DB #3 – GUI, Version Format, Kerbs.

(Retrospective June 2015)

Hi everyone,

as well as the usual bug fixes and technical changes behind the scenes, here are some highlights of updates we made during June we thought you would be interested in.

  • GUI update to allow for individual high resolution overlay images to be added on a per control basis, IE, not burned in images. This allows for swapping out of any image in the GUI easily, and resolution changes on the screen result in no pixel blur.

  • New version numbering:

  • Prior to the migration of the VSC SVN to the server, all the game data resided on Enrico's laptop. So, after we moved it all over, we wanted to ensure we still had a record of the total SVN updates made since the beginning. We updated the game version numbering format to be

  • ver_major . ver_minor . ver_revision . cumulative_svn_num . current_svn_num

  • ver_major: Version changed each release, for example the release of VSC 1.0

  • ver_minor: Version changed for any large update, for example the addition of multiplayer

  • ver_revision: Version changed for any smaller changes and bug fixes, for example UI skins

  • cumulative_svn_num : Total number of SVN revisions since start of development

  • current_svn_num: Total number of SVN revisions since migration to the server

  • Example

  • Fully textured and customizable kerbs. The width and textures can now be changed on a per track basis.

This post can now be discussed at the forums here.

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