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VSC DB #4 – Physics, Cars, AO, Custom colours

(Retrospective July 2015)

Hello again,

here are some more highlights from our July updates for you to have look at :).

  • Physics simulation: The room itself is now added to the physics simulation, previously this was just the track.Allows for cars to hit the wall and floor.

  • Gravity applied as force instead of impulse, allows more realistic collisions.

  • Cylinder wheel collisions enabled, higher fidelity model specific collisions.

  • Custom cars (player created) now have their own folder away from core cars.

  • Addition of the first VSC core cars, Formula and Sports.

  • Custom debug camera mode refined.

  • Free look, movement on all axis, lock to car, lock to track, circle around.

  • 3D Audio added!

  • Ambient Occlusion enabled and applied to models. Looking much nicer, and driver added to Formula cars. What's a car without a driver!

  • Textures added to track strips, offers a more 3d look.

  • Custom car colour picker added, allows for any colour combination :)

This post can now be discussed at the forums here.

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