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Our Dev Blog begins

Hi everyone!

So here we are, with the start of our very own Developer Blog – how cool is that! This is the first post of many where we will inform you of all the latest development updates for our game Virtual SlotCars (VSC). So, where and when did it all begin? Well, it started in Prague, around two years ago, my good friend Enrico found the motivation to follow his dream of making a virtual version of one of his favourite hobbies of his youth - Slot Cars! But this was never going to be your average run of the mill racing game, oh no, it was going to be as realistic as possible with the goal to envelope the player in the Consumer and Pro Slot Car world by way of offering unrivalled freedom in design and control, incredible physics, and a configurable competitive environment to the player and their community that best reflected the real world of slot car racing, a world that many don't really know about...yet ;) So, what is the difference between Consumer and Pro Slot Cars? Well, we have ourselves coined this term, so allow me to elaborate on our interpretation of it. Consumer Slot Cars are closer to those which are pre-made when bought from the hobby shop. They typically look beautifully realistic, are already painted with decals, and come with a pre configured track-set that simply needs fast assembly. Then you plug them in and away you go – loads of fun with minimal set up time and can be packed away to save room in your house. Pro Slot Cars on the other hand are each hand crafted, unique in their specifications and looks. They typically have a metal chassis, high performance motors capable of 100,000 RPM with speeds well in excess of 70km/hr. Their bodies are often made from vacuum moulded plastic, with the hyper performance models including even aerofoils to keep them on the track at such speeds. The tracks themselves are mostly bespoke, hand crafted permanent structures that reside in a club house or a dedicated home basement, 20-50 metres in length, up to 8 lanes. Needless to say, the Pro Slot Car hobby can be super expensive to some people. There is of course a grey area where the two classes overlap which is incredibly interesting, but more on that later :) How are we making the game? We are the power of two – yep that's it, there are two of us so far. VSC has been made from scratch :) it's our game engine (Rigel Engine), our own artwork and our own concept. We are working full time on this and hope to sell the game through Steam after a successful Steam Greenlight application. For anyone out there that are thinking about making an Indie Game, I really hope this blog will provide you with at least some insight into our trials and tribulations, and thus help out some of you that are ready to take the plunge into the world of Indie Game development. Our next major development will be the multiplayer. Initial tests have been positive and we are hopeful to have a demo in the near future for you all to be able to try out VSC and tell us what you think. This is important, since we are still pre-alpha at the moment, and your input will help mould the game. Stay tuned as we gear up for our KickStarter, we will be looking for your support – more on that later. But for now, we are asking for your help to get the VSC awareness up to its peak level as quickly as possible. If you can:

  • Tweet us

  • Share us

  • Like us

  • Follow us

  • Comment on us

  • Critique us

  • Request from us

  • Compare us

  • But most of all Vote for us on Steam for our Steam GreenLight application

Then you will have supported us in the best way you can and we will be extremely grateful. Keep coming back, check for updates because we will be adding them! Spread the word and keep in touch. Help us go viral! Lastly, I hope you all have had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year as much as we are.

This post can now be discussed at the forums here.


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