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Press kit

Fact sheet

Title: Virtual SlotCars

Genre: Racing/Simulation

Mode: Single/Multiplayer

Developer: PraGames – Prague, Czech Republic

Steam EA Release Date: 9th June 2017 - store page

Steam EA price: $9.99 USD see this list for country variances

Gold Release Date: TBD

Platform: PC Windows


Press Contact:

​​Social: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, VK

Review Key:

Overview Brief

Welcome to Virtual SlotCars, a game that allows you to accurately simulate the real world of club level slot car racing. Play single or multiplayer, fully customise your cars, create your own tracks, and race at speeds in excess of 70km/h with up to 8 players.



VSC provides you a doorway into the sport of slot car racing like never before with an exciting new lease of life in the virtual world. You have full design and control of the cars, tracks, and the racing environment which previously the world champs have only seen.


You will be building and tweaking your car in the garage, testing it on track, setting your throttle and brake controls during practice, and finally racing to earn coin and gain experience. As you progress you can unlock and buy higher level car parts, environment objects, or track parts to construct any of the offered 28 track designs, with up to 8 lanes.


Alternatively, use the track editor and modding tools to take on AI Pro racers or compete amongst friends in multiplayer with custom built cars, tracks and environment objects, offering limitless options.

The Creators

PraGames, Enrico and Gavin, are two guys who have come together, after having worked as colleagues for 7 years in serious games, to realise the dream of Virtual SlotCars. Each work from home in the Czech Republic, and have invested their resources and time to complete VSC.


VSC has been in development since April 2014. Their goal is for it to be as real as it can get and bug free. Attention to detail is important to them. They love slot cars and rejoice in making VSC for everyone that ever wanted to play slot cars in a way they could only ever dream of as a child.


Enrico Turri (left) – Developer / Programmer. The original VSC concept started with Enrico, and has grown into what it is today. A Slot Car lover himself, Enrico's attention to car handling, physics, AI, aggregated racing data, proprietary Rigel engine and modding tools, sets VSC apart from the competition.


Gavin Endicott (right) – Developer / Designer. Having discussed slot cars and the VSC concept numerous times with Enrico before the project started, Gavin focuses on game mechanics, flow, UI, visuals, sound, IT, marketing and whatever else is required.


Drawing on their combined 26 years of simulation and gaming experience, they are bringing Virtual SlotCars to the world of PC Gaming, the goal being to succeed on Steam and progress onwards and upwards from there!


Single Player: At the start you will be provided with a basic car and set of track parts which will allow you to practise and compete in entry level races. As you get familiar with car handling and maintenance you will soon be winning races and gaining experience and coin. Before you know it you will be able to challenge the next level of AI opponents on longer tracks with more lanes at even faster speeds, as you work towards the ultimate level of Ace. Alternatively, you can spend your time and coin creating new elaborate custom tracks in the track editor.


Multiplayer: Host sessions with custom cars and tracks that you have made. Stipulate your own player skill level and car configuration limits or leave it free for all. Clients and host do not even need each others custom car or track installed in order play!


Modding: VSC offers full modding support allowing you to create your very own track-set solution or environment part, to create any specific track you can dream of. Create your own car body mods and import them into the game for your friends to see and race against. If you find you do not have the track or car body you want to race with, and you are not a modder, the option to obtain your perfect car or track will be made available through the community of modders.

Project Details
  • Sales: Christmas 2018 saw the best sales figures for the holiday period to date! Now we are aiming to commence visibility rounds with the help from an investor to complete our road map. Contact us for more details!

  • Languages: Czech, English, Italian, Russian, Dutch, German, Finnish, Spanish – more to come!

  • Perspective: 3D first person controller / car / top / chase camera views – all adjustable.

  • Player levels: Beginner, regular, advanced, pro, ace. AI opponent car quality and speed increases each level, or can be set to match players car, either fully or partially.

  • Augmented Camera: Automatically sets zoom to maintain player car size in frame.

  • Self maintaining AI: AI opponents will repair their cars on the go, in their pit-stop, during a race just like real opponents.

  • Car maintenance: Wear and tear genuinely represented for all car parts and scaled for best gameplay. Centre of gravity can even be changed by adding weights.

  • Audio engine: Rigel's proprietary 3d audio engine using Microsoft® XAudio2 library.

  • PC requirements: Requirements

  • Programming language: C++

  • Hardware Interface: Keyboard + mouse, MS compatible game-pad.

  • Game Engine: Rigel – proprietary using OpenGL.

  • Network Engine: Proprietary based on STEAM® SDK.

  • Related games: HTR+ Slot Car Simulation, Xenon racer, Grooverider, Overvolt: Crazy slot cars, Rail racing.

  • Free Demo: 1 Track, 2 car body classes – single, dual, triple colour – all paint-able. Track editor. Custom body modding for one car. SP only. Demo Link

  • Modding Car bodies: Using Blender / 3d Max / Maya, import of *.OBJ files using proprietary Asset Builder. Create your car body PDF. Import your car body into VSC PDF.

  • Modding track-sets: Using text editor to create and configure. Create your Trackset PDF.

  • Modding Environment parts: Using Blender / 3d Max / Maya, import of *.OBJ files using proprietary Asset Builder. Create your Env Object PDF. Import your Env Object into VSC PDF.

  • Track creation: Using in-game editor.

  • Car body painting: Using in-game colour picker.

  • Detailed Physics: Made using physics based on the Bullet library.

  • Music: Choice pieces included from Markus Heichelbech

  • Green lit on Steam: 22nd January 2016.


Environment parts



Press Coverage
Featured Game screens
Story so far

VSC is a result of countless hours of research, attending club racing events, videoing championship races, studying tyre traction, resistance, gearing, de-slot rates, acceleration, physics, centrifugal force and gravity, talking with the enthusiasts within the community, and getting to know what is required to make a realistic and enjoyable slot car simulation. The evidence so far indicates that VSC is the most accurate there is.

VSC Grandstand and barriers Concept.png
VSC LMP1 Concept.png
VSC Can-AM Concept.png
Featured Announcement trailer screens

The Virtual SlotCars and and PraGames logos can be found below in various sizes and orientations. Please be sure to use the original, appropriately sized, logo for your publications as each size has been pixel tweaked to look its best to avoid any artefacts that may result by arbitrarily resizing an image.


The Virtual SlotCars logo may be used on either a dark or light background. A dark red background should not be used. This is the preferred VSC Logo to be used.


The PraGames logo (vertical) comes in two wordmark colours – black and white. The black should be used for a light background and the white for a dark background. A dark red background should not be used. This is the Preferred PraGames Logo to be used.


The PraGames logo (horizontal) comes in two wordmark colours – black and white. The black should be used for a light background and the white for a dark background. A dark red background should not be used. This orientation should only be used when space constraints do not allow for vertical orientation.

Monetization Permission

PraGames Studio, Enrico Turri and Gavin Endicott, allows for the contents of Virtual SlotCars to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Virtual SlotCars is legally & explicitly allowed by PraGames Studio. This permission can be found in writing at

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