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VSC DB #2 – IT setup, version control.

(Retrospective June 2015)

Just a small update to note we had TortoiseSVN 1.8.11, Build 26392 - 64 Bit, successfully set up on our private server on June 17th 2015. Initial import for entire VSC code base from Enrico's laptop successful. We now have the capability to work together, remotely, with a revision database!

Having used SVN before in our previous profession, Enrico and I found it to be a good choice for us. One that was quick, easy and solid to set up and get going as quickly as possible – for free. We had been advised on other options, and we may change in the future, but for now SVN suits us very well indeed.

The internet connection to the server currently is pretty bad, download is 3.5 Mbps and upload from it is 0.25 Mbps. We aim to update our service provider to UPC with 20 Mbps up and down in 2016. We still manage to get all things done though...Commits are pretty fast, updates are (sigh) slow.

For more information on Tortoise SVN go here:

This post can now be discussed at the forums here.

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